Upcoming Events

WSHSC is offering its programs in 2021 FREE to all who are interested! We had a difficult 2020 and this is our gift to you. We hope you will benefit and renew your membership for the 2022 year!


April 1: WSHSC Elaine Carty Performance Improvement Award and Lew Brown Memorial Safety Award Nominations Due

Friday, January 29, 2021 (Microsoft Teams) 9am-12pm

  • Best & Worsts Ergonomic Strategies for Health, Wellness, and Sustainability  
  • Home Office Ergonomics
  • Presented by Deborah Read - ErgoFit Consulting

Friday, April 30, 2021 (Microsoft Teams)

  • Emergency Management Spotlight: Sharing our Learnings So Far: Coping and Adapting to COVID-19
    Share the innovative and efficient changes you’ve made to your Emergency Management
    program based on lessons learned from COVID19. Discuss COVID-19 demobilization and
    recovery plans (e.g., finances, mental health). Discuss non-patient care learnings such as
    vendor and regulatory waiver tracking. 

Friday, July 30, 2021 (Microsoft Teams)

  • Air Handling - Typical Failures: How to Detect and Address
  • DOSH Standards Update and Prepare! Communicable Disease and Wildfire Smoke


Tuesday November 30, 2021 Microsoft Teams

  • Share key wins and moments of gratitude!
  • Foster discussion of successes and identify strategies to overcome typical barriers
  • Network and enhance relationships!



AWARD INFORMATION!! Nominations are being accepted for the Lew Brown Memorial Award and the Elaine Carty Performance Improvement Award. Please take 30 minutes to complete the attached documents to 1) brag and report on your successful EOC program and 2) recognize someone who has contributed toward healthcare safety. If you can’t complete either of these forms, then you need to attend our Washington State Healthcare Safety Council programs to increase your knowledge and networking! Start thinking about it now – the deadline is April 1. We know there are outstanding programs out there in need of recognition. The winner of the Lew Brown Award will receive a plaque and $100 cash award and is invited to become a member of the Board of the WSHSC. The winner of the Elaine Carty Award will receive a plaque and a $500 cash award. Submit a nomination and get the credit and possible award they deserve!